[BS/RBS list] yamit 2000 waterpark

Phil'n'Chanie Rosenfelder philnchanie at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 03:04:08 EDT 2015

today , i received a few emails from people who are interested in a bus to
the waterpark on tuesday (women's day, admission to the park is 62 sheqel
each, from age 2)

as I said, i can only arrange a bus if people commit and bring money today.

so far, I have one quote of 800 sheqel for a minibus , 20 places.  Leaving
RBS at about  8:30 in the morning, leaving the park at 6pm.
that comes to 40 sheqel a person if the bus is full.

i would like to find something less expensive, but so far, this is the
quote i got
If there are 30 or more people, we can get a cheaper price into the park.

please email me back asap if youar einterested, how many people you are,
and can you bring money to me today

note: i might not be on the bus
more important note: everyone must have a buddy, and kids 12 and under must
be with an adult.


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