[BS/RBS list] Unique Opportunity For Ambitious Teen, eBay Guru, or Technical Guru

MacPalms macpalms at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 00:50:24 EDT 2015

Unique opportunity for ambitious teen (or group of teens), eBay guru 
(or eBay Guru want to be), or technical guru (or technical guru want 
to be). I have a massive amount of old Palm Pilots and accessories 
for sale . There are about 1000 Palm Pilots (all used and untested) 
and about 20 large boxes of accessories (leather cases, chargers, 
keyboards, etc.) which are mostly new or new condition. I am selling 
everything for VERY CHEAP!!! For the right person, there is some 
money to be made and a great experience to be had. This is a great 
summer project. Please email me for full details.

Located in RBS!

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