[BS/RBS list] FREE/SWAP: 2 Fantastic kittens, rescued from certain death

Tova Saul freya1836 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 3 04:52:39 EDT 2015

These 2 kittens are very affectionate and healthy.  I will drive them to anywhere in Israel to a good home.  I can't keep them because I rescue so very many all the time, and each new owner is super happy with my proteges.  
The ginger male is super mellow.  The calico female is sassy with a tiny streak of the devil.  Both are super affectionate.If interested, please call Tove at 050 761 2109. 
 (Please don't reply to this email, as I never check this inbox.)
Here they are on Youtube:ad for cornelia and jalapeno

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| ad for cornelia and jalapeno |
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