[BS/RBS list] Ezer Mitzion "Linked to Life" needs your help

Mia Weiss mfw61870 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 2 15:30:47 EDT 2015

Do You Drive? Use Whats App? Like to Help?

Ezer Mitzion  “Linked to Life” network invites you to link in to a volunteering opportunity that is full of excitement, friends and fulfillment. 
Linked to Life is a volunteer network with over 3,700 members who are connected through 110 Ezer Mitzion WhatsApp groups all over Israel.
Our aim is to help as many people as we can in Israel and around the world, with maximum speed and at the highest service standard 

Join our challenging contributing Linked to Life group
Send a WhatsApp message to Herman Weiss 0548885358

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