[BS/RBS list] SUPERMARKET SWEEP: Race to the Checkout - Fabulously fun women's event!

Daphna Shaneson daphna613 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 07:25:31 EDT 2015

Missed the event today in RBS A?? We're looking to host a fun and
informational get-together in YOUR house or shul.

Please be in touch ASAP to set one up and find out how you can HAVE FUN and
help the special needs children of our community at the same time!! This
campaign is being held to help enable Ezrat Achim's special needs summer

The Sweep will take place on: Monday July 13th
Advanced registration necessary!

Enjoy an exciting morning in the Neimi Mall! Race through the isles of
Osher Ad, grabbing your groceries to be the first to check out!
Winners will keep their cart! Participants will also be given discounts and
prizes at the Neimi stores!


For info and to sign up: 058 323 2485 / daphna613 at gmail.com

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