[BS/RBS list] Which mixer to use for hafrashas challah whole wheat dough?

Ruth posnruth at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 03:35:41 EDT 2015

I had a Kenwood Chef which comes with a dough hook, bought in the UK 50
years ago!.
Passed it onto next generation. Well used, but a few months ago it died..

I suggest you ask advice at the supplier-we use the shop on Nahar Yarden in
bet. Used to advertise as Traklin (ShemeshPhone 2014 ), but has since
changed the name (in SP 2015). Good service and reasonable prices!
the Posners

PS Come to Naimi at 5:30pm today to the hafrashat challa - meet the experts!
Angels Bakery are producing a massive challa!

Need advice on which mixer to buy for making a 4 kilo batch of dough made
with 2 1/4 kilo whole wheat flour. Please respond to this e-mail.Thanks.
Dina Miller

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