[BS/RBS list] Mishkaynos Daas - Keeta Mcademic

miri schreiber mirischreiber at gmail.com
Wed Jul 1 08:23:57 EDT 2015

Do you have your daughter in this track at Mishkeynos Daat?  Do you have
concerns whether or not your child (s) is receiving the proper
interventions for their learning difficulties?  Would you be interested in
trying o facilitate either a meeting with the school/Misrad HaChinich
and/or advocate for the school to provide the proper learning specialists
for our childrens needs (if that is even an option)?

Would love to hear from other parents in terms of ensuring our children are
making progress in order to be mainstreamed BEH

Let me know.

054-298-209 <054-298-2096>

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